Relocation service and tenancy management

Relocation services offered:

Preview tour/ Area Orientation

The preview tour/area orientation is a valuable tool that helps sell the new location to a prospective candidate before they agree to relocate to the Czech Republic and helps narrow down where they want to live.

Preview tour/area orientation: What is Included

  • Accompanied area orientation
  • Property & school overviews
  • Everyday living advice

Area Orientation Tour: Benefits

  • Helps to sell the location to the relocating person.
  • Identifies key considerations at an early stage to reduce the overall cost.
  • Expert advice and assistance.

Home Search

Finding the right home, in the right location is critical to ensuring the relocating person being happy in their new location. Happy House Rentals professionals listen carefully and advise on neighborhoods, schools, housing prices, and lease contracts.

Home Search: What is Included

  • Conduct needs assessment  
  • Provide welcome pack
  • Conduct property research before your arrival.
  • Prepared itinerary of properties
  • Accompanied visits to properties
  • Lease negotiation
  • Inventory check in

 Home Search: Benefits

  • Service delivered by Happy House rentals professionals
  • Independent market advice
  • Ensures lease terms are negotiated in your best interests

School Search

If you have school age children, the choice of school is critical to the decision-making process and will influence the whole family’s perception of their new location.

 School Search: What is Included

  • Detailed school search needs analysis
  • Accompanied visits to selected schools.
  • Assistance with registration

 School Search: Benefits

  • Independent advice
  • School search delivered by HHR professionals with expert local knowledge

Settling In Services

We offer a range of services to help the relocating person settle into their new home in the Czech Republic.

HHR provide a comprehensive and flexible menu of relocation settling-in services that can be tailored to meet the relocating person’s needs.

 Settling-in Assistance: What is Included

  • Accompanied
  • Neighborhood area tour after the property is chosen
  • Advice on, banking, auto purchase or lease, utility and broadband connections
  • Health care system overview
  • Automotive and property insurances
  • Drivers license and car registration advise
  • Assistance in locating, shopping, houses of worship and specialty foods

 Settling-in Assistance: Benefits

  • Flexible and built around your needs
  • Reduces anxiety and the time it takes to settle-in
  • Can be easily combined with the home finding

Temporary Housing

Happy House Rentals offers a wide range of temporary housing options to suit any short-term living requirement. Happy house rentals professionals help by advising on the most suitable temporary housing option for the needs of the person based on their particular circumstance.

 Temporary Housing: What is Included

  • Sourcing temporary housing based on relocating your criteria
  • Booking of temporary housing
  • Arrangement of temporary housing viewings if time permits

Temporary Housing: Benefits

  • Fast and flexible solutions
  • Reduces costly hotel related expenses

Tenancy Management

Managing tenancies can be administratively intensive for the relocating person; dealing with tradesmen, suppliers and leases are unwelcome and time-consuming distractions, let Happy House Rentals worry for you.

 Tenancy Management: What is Included

  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Manage maintenance issues
  • Out of hours support for emergencies
  • Notification of lease renewal
  • Recovery of security deposit

 Tenancy Management: Benefits

  • Reduces administrative demands on the relocating person
  • Ensures the happiness of the relocating person
  • Minimizes deductions from security deposits
  • Ensures Landlords fulfill their obligations


Relocating abroad can be a daunting task. Identifying visa requirements and understanding employment law, local rules and regulations, application processes and the like can quickly become difficult and stressful for all involved. We provide step-by-step guidance to assist with gathering all the needed documents, we then fill in the required applications for you and currier them to you. We give you guidance in submitting the applications in your home country or were possible we can also offer accompanied assistance with submitting applications in a neighboring country, such as Slovakia, Germany or Austria. We stay in constant touch with you until your documents are issued. We maintain a database of our clients’ important dates and provide reminders to assure timely renewal of all documents.

Intercultural Training

Providing the necessary intercultural training as part of an international relocation will help your relocating employee to integrate effectively in their new location.

Intercultural Training: What is Included

  • Intercultural training programmer for adults and children
  • Individual, group or family options available

Intercultural: Benefits

  • Professionally run intercultural training courses
  • Caters to both business and social situations
  • Flexible and built around the relocating persons needs
  • Boosts confidence and speeds up the settling-in period

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